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  1. thanx bro i think that's awsome too. your a true blue guy

    i need more of them well hope you having a good week too i just hope my relationships an friends last a life time
  2. wow, sounds like ya made a good decision ay

    ik he loves me, i asked him straight out an he he said he is serious about me i am glad well guess online friendship can be a lil different from rl or vice versea ik i try to stay true to people. well cya soon an thanx for being a pal :3
  3. why'd you have to end them? if i may ask

    idk about him being nervous, he seem more relaxed to me. idk when he will visit, maybe when he has the money to see me. only time will tell. Cya again in the morning, it's 2:53am now, i will be awake at 1:20pm so stay sane lolz
  4. idk, i asked him, but he is kinda vague about stuf

    i told hom how important it is. an my week, even though it just started, is okie just tryin to stay sane
  5. yea, but i am tryin to convince him to live in the US

    i see, yea i don't wanna put my kids throu that kinda pain. you have different values then me, i am too much of a scardy cat about churchs, dresses, etc i hope my bf an i can resolve all this . you welcome an thanx :3
  6. Thanx yea that's true. but some do care about age

    we couldn't be gf an bf, cause are religous, you probaby want kids down the road etc

    but i like being your friend instead :3 your awsome Ranma well enjoy your Monday too
  7. yea it is. sounds like you had simular thing happen to you. most Fb ppl just have bad attitudes an because they hide behind a computer, they say pretty much whats on thier mind

    i try to speak truthfully, most ppl really have a hard time with my age etc or just they think my last is an rp one, but *la *sigh it is m real last name Cya, have great Monday an weekday
  8. i guess kinda. idk what the dude wanted. my theory is to why he got mad, is cause i rejected him

    some guys are like that, maybe not all. ya know and thanx i always need a friend to listen i dk what comes over people sometimes well good luck gettin back to work Cya again soon
  9. oh wow, well hopefully ya can now drive your car again

    heh n.p ik how busy ya r. i had an Issue, yesterday on facebook, a dude i was friends with., ( btw he's 26) not another teen *whew* but anywho, he was sayin stuf that made me uncomfortable.. long story short unfriended him end of story but i only told you this, because i needed a friendly ear Hugs and Cya again soon
  10. hope you don't have to wait too long

    i also have skype account, although.. i can't seem to be able to use my web cam properly
    i am not good with electronics lolz well have fun chattin. cya again soon
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