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  1. hey Ranma odd jobs ay, sounds good

    i've done odd jobs too before. you have an awsome easter weekend

    Friends, Raven
  2. my last cord was frayed an worn out

    workin ay, where do ya work? nm going on with me as of yet

    just relaxin
  3. i'm good an you?

    been busy a bit, had to have my computer cord replaced cya again soon
  4. hey Ranma, how r ya

    where ya been? i miss you. come back an say howedy Friends, Raven
  5. you miss understand Robert's anime corner store is an online store.

    yea walkin is good. health my day was good, it was quite for the most part. sleepy my meds zonk me out alota. ea bus drivers need jobs an money too. some need to support themselves. well you take care to Your Friend, Raven
  6. well i get round by bus, mostly

    i walk too sometimes, but only short distances yea Robert's Anime Corner Store is good place an so is cosplay house enjoy the hunt for stuf. cya Ranma
  7. for halloween yes, i did cosplay.
    yea it suck not being able to go to a anime con or being unable to drive

    yea i can't drive, never learned how, plus can't afford a car, they too expensive.

    i order from right stuf a couple times, i bought a lelouch t-shirt, etc. but now buy alota stuf from Robert's Anime Corner store i resently got a body pillow, a code geass messager bag. i love that place. take care Ranma Friends Always, Raven.
  8. yea sounds cool i mail-order stuf too, from a couple places online ones called, Rightstuf, the other is Roberts anime corner store. i did buy cosplay from a place called cosplay i bought a Zero cosplay from Code Geass

    no mask though, they didn't have it when bought the costume, but they have it now, i can't afford to go a anime con cause bearly get enough money to support myself cause of my rent here at my apartment. cya Ranma Friends Raven
  9. no, the only one i saw, but they ended part one of, Durarara

    right now online, i am watching, Witch Hunter Robin it's pretty good too friend recemmended i also i am watching for the first time, DBZ Gt on Nicktoons, it's good too i saw DBZ Kai it's was cool i just got into DBZ i found i liked alot
  10. i was idk out of high maybe when saw my first anime, i can't really remember that far back.

    i the first anime i saw, ( after the 80's , which in the 80's was voltron an g force) in the 1990's my first was Sailor Moon, an then i think after that i friend recommended some others, and it took off from there. i try to be kind, it's hard cause how i grew up an what i was rised around. ( rather not talk about my past) well take care Ranma Friends, Raven.
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