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  1. Lolz i will but it's so friggin hot outside i went swimming today, i had fun

    swam a few laps stay until 5pm went home an rested ttyl have a good weekend
  2. oh i see sounds like you had fun gaming

    my weekend was ok, yea my cold is subsiding, tired too. well nm going on ttyl Ranma
  3. hi meh colds clearing up some

    hope your weekend went well cya soon
  4. oh n.p sorry to hear another friendship ended :\ i am doing alright, been moody an sad kinda

    i feel ok now, i caught a cold tho. :P well Ranma ttyl on Tues hopefully have a good weekend
  5. idk lolz maybe.. uh oh those crazie ladies huh lolz

    how are you ? how was your 4th of July? mine was ok yesterday,( Fri) i went swimming in my apt complexes' pool i had fun stupid lil kids ask too many questions an shouldn't talk to strangers well ttyl Ranma cya Tues hugs*
  6. yes i did click it but i wasn't interested

    sorry. no tons of guys do not chase me, just teen guys ew.. no i am leery an idk who is lying an who isn't this is the internet u know idk whose real or not ppl use fake pics sometimes oh well maybe u get some pie next time u work i'm doing ok glad you r well ttyl Ranma Big* Hugs*
  7. nope, no bf yet :| i am sure it is a good forum but i am leery of forum's

    well good luck on your next job. yummmmy pie! *drools well ttyl Ranma
  8. oh ok i saw neat.

    so how are you? nm going right now bored well nm else ttyl Ranma
  9. what's an avatar forum? u mean the movie? yup i will

    ttyl Ranma
  10. yea ikr i could afford to buy one at that price but right idk how much money i can spend at time.

    wow! O_O that's lota work to do for lawn mowing too hot outside what forums u chat on? lmk well have an awsome weekend. ps furturamma is doing it's final season i watched the new episode last night it's on Wedsdays at 10pm on comedy central ttyl
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