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  1. use ya angles and look for what plush looks gettable. yea it's 80 degrees here

    how u been? i am alright had a misshap with meh laptop, part the hing broke when it fell on the floor :\ but i need to have it fixed an it gonna cost big time 300$ O.O da frigg? lolz anyways been awful sleepy had to get up to have the computer guy look at meh laptop 10am! argggghh ttyl Ranma
  2. yea, sometimes the claw is strong an somedays it's weaker
    i think the guy that cleans it adjusts the streigth sometimes. i learned a lot tips on Youtube from other claw players.

    wow must be hotter where u live, it's maybe 80o% degrees here in Mi. Well take care an talk to ya tues cya
  3. well getting one's own claw machine can cost money, ik one claw player who got one on Ebay for 100$

    yup i win sometimes, depends on how strong the claw is. oh sounds like peaceful weekend u had.

    nm with me or my weekend, just another day at home, i went food shopping Monday well ttyl Ranma
  4. my week was good an my weekend is just starting lolz yup, an i just won my first cheeky Tiki plush !

    well nm else going on Talk to ya Tues or whenever Hugs* cya bro
  5. i got the message, thanx Ranma i wrote them down btw today is meh b-day i turned 39

    also i own the MAy birthday bash betty boop in the claw resently ttyl Ranma have an awsome weekend
  6. aww thanx. hugs* chu i am doing good, yea i am online alot, there's not much on tv, sense some of my show's season's have ended. but it think Furturamma is starting back up, along with So Park.

    well ttyl Ranma
  7. nm just relaxing an watching tv. sorry those friendship's soured. but i guess u had a good reason.

    glad your done working, sucks not having money sometimes. well ttyl Ranma
  8. Hiya Ranma, how are you? hope you had a good weekend an i hope to talk to u on Tues

    i am doing alright, just chillin at home. TTyl Bro
  9. hiya Ranma, nm going on, resting. no new wins. didn't get to go shopping last Fri, mix up in time.

    going food shopping Fri. getting comodies today. well ttyl bro
  10. hiya Ranma, yea my weekend was good. nm going on

    just relaxing. going to get free clothes tomorrow at the community center. meh caseworker is taking me there. well ttyl Ranma *hugs back 3(o^3^o)3
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