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  1. n.p i ain't gonna freak out lolz ttyl then hope you had a good weekend

  2. well my pills help me sleep, i am just groggy from the after affects

    i can't sleep on one side, because it'll hurt my hips. i have to turn over sereval times. plus i do have a bad back an sleep apena. yup i will ttyl Ranma =)
  3. well i sleep as much as i can, but can't go to bed early, cause i'll only sleep maybe 1/2 an hour

    my headaches from sinus's an allregies. plus i sleep a certain way at night, i can't sleep any other way.
    oh ok well hopefully the weather report will be announanced soon

    TTy Ranma. =3 have a good weekend
  4. yea next week it will too cold. just relaxing now

    nm else to write today headache. ow my head :P ttyl Ranma
  5. no coco. :/ oh well i have a blanket on. i'll try Ranma. thanx heard it's gonna warm up next week
    ttyl Ranma
  6. i am doing good cold brrr idk about global warming Michigan winter's are just plain cold

    i went to wal-mart to return something an bought food an t.p just tired now i got up early well ttyl Ranma stay warm :3
  7. whoa, i can imagion. 0.o sometimes winter sucks an summer is ok, but too hot

    good to hear your feeling better well ttyl Ranma
  8. well things i needed. oh you were sick? you feeling better?

    nm else going on super cold where i live ttyl Ranma
  9. bought you? lolz your funny Ranma xD yup thanx ttyl Ranma
  10. oh i see, i bought some good stuf today tell ya about it soon have a great weekend Ranma =3
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