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  1. hmmmm maybe i try sooooo hard to stay sane going out tomorrow to cash another check

    Need stuf again got to stock up TTyl Ranma =3
  2. ikr but ya have to careful, getting something free, means 2 things, 1 buy an try an 2 pay shipping

    that's not free if it costs shipping i am fustrated with import anime stores they have awsome rare items but they all want friggin paypal social sercurty doesn't let you have a bank account i should know. :P my day is good but i still feel awful i wanna be happy, but there's too much on my mind ttyl Ranma =)
  3. yea that sounds about right. i get those spams too i can't afford all those

    i be poor lolz i also know those so called "free Ipad ads are spam cause ya have do them gold an sliver offers i see lota those on fb etc well ttyl Ranma.
  4. ikr how they finding us? most of the e-mails are spam they use some of same lingo i use

    why hack anybody? who the hell are they mad at? well ttyl Ranma
  5. oh ok n.p o_o wow someone tried to hack ya bummer. good thing ya changed ya password

    i had to change my yahoo password cause being sent fake e-mails in one my friends name. ttyl Ranma =)
  6. nope i didn't win, i almost did i get frustrated playing duel monster's but it's soo fun :S

    oh ok, an thanx for the hugs =) ttyl Ranma
  7. me an my friend dueled Yugioh i have sereval yugioh decks nm else going on i got a headache ugh

    but i think's sinus's :P well ttyl Ranma =3
  8. yea i had a good time. oh ok n.p i watch a lota Youtube so i can get caught up too.

    i dueled my friend, almost won well ttyl Ranma have a great weekend =3
  9. a few disappiontments today huh, an some good stuf

    yea, i need food bad, gonna visit friends this Fri well ttyl Ranma =3
  10. =3 yup hope your having a great day gonna go food shopping tomorrow =) happy" ttyl Ranma
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