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  1. Yeah, oh well. When we're old then, we'll be glad that we look younger! XD
  2. Well you can't really blame them since you do look younger than you are, but I know how you feel I used to get that all the time^^.
  3. XD except I worked and hour away from town and nobody knew me LOL
    They were surprised becuase they thought I was fourteen and not allowed to work XD
  4. Plus since most of the people in your town knew you, they were so surprised to see you giving them the finger.
  5. XD My calc professor does that too (sometimes I feel like laughing)!
    I used to do that, but I've learned through working retail to too many odd looks LOL
  6. LOL You BAD girl!XD

    That's funny because I usually point with my middle finger, so of course people assume the worst.XD
  7. XD
    It was really funny actually. I walk into the bathroom and my friend is washing her hands so we say hi and then BAM! We both start laughing like crazy (I'm cruising a lot too because it hurt so bad) XD
    It's not bleeding anymore but the cut hasn't completely closed up yet and my finger is like yellow and purple >_> funniest part is that it's my middle finger and since I hold it up to avoid using it, people think I'm flicking them the bird XD
    But it still hurts...
  8. Not really

    Why did you even do that so that you would have a good reason not to chat with me? JK
  9. French silk!

    Sorry we couldn't chat much today, I slammed my finger into the bathroom stall door, cut it open, and really couldn't type for a while XD still hurts, but not too bad^^
    LOL isn't that the lamest way to injure yourself?!
  10. PIE? My favorite!XD

    I love pie, what kind was it?
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