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  1. I just need to eat a lot! XD
    But the lines in the cafeteria were so long! D:
    but there was pie! :3
  2. Okay see ya, and that's not good I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*
  3. I will, but for now I have to go to class so talk to you later!
    Ugh, the problem is I have a tummy ache :/
  4. Too long^^
    Lol, thanks
    And have fun posting since I think that there are still a few active topics around here.
  5. XD Over a year I guess!
    No, I'm not accepting it.
    LOL jk^^
  6. It must have been so long since you last joined a forum that it must have just slipped your mind, lol, and I hope you accept my friend request sis!
  7. Oh, Okay! I totally forgot about an intro thread! XD
  8. Cool, well have fun, and make sure that you make an intro thread, even though i'm sure that i'm the only one around here that might reply to it.
  9. Yeah I saw that! I thought that was really cool! >_<
    I'm gonna try posting around :3
  10. Plus you can "like" or even "thank" people for the post they make, I already have my first like!xD
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