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  1. Yeah... I actually feel sorry for people who have never changed schools. They don't know the pain of it. And they don't know the joy of meeting your first friend. Oh. Yes. That'a what I did. I killed my last boyfriend. He was a Mexican that played the Oboe. He deserved to die.

    Lol no. What am I saying? That is terrible! I would never kill him. He's too nice. I would never kill anyone. I wouldn't be able to live knowing that someone's blood is on my hands and it's all my fault.

    As I have learnt. The girls stay away from me. Something about being a "freak of nature" because I don't wear make-up. I kinda find this funny. I'm really only friends with males. Most girls would try to change my appearance. I only have like, 2 female friends. But it's fun.

    Oh yes. But private schools aren't that great either. The students will be like that no matter where you go. :I The kids in my French class made our teacher quit. They made her cry everyday! It was terrible!
  2. Oh I know what you mean, before I graduated from school I had been to 5 different schools, so I know the feeling.:/ But it's just preparing you for life outside of school because it's pretty much the same thing, but without the teachers around to stop, anything bad from happening. Haha, i'm the same exact way, if I can't read someone's reply to me while i'm replying to them, I won't remember what to reply to even if I read their reply just seconds beforehand. Terrible with relationships? Did you kill your last boyfriends?o.O

    It's like that for me too, but it's just that most girls don't like me, and it's not because i'm not a nice guy, it's about looks.:/ Heck, most girls i've met won't even be friends with a guys if he's not good looking, so i've given it up.

    haha, yep, kids hate substitutes more than they do their actual teachers, so maybe you should try a private school, because public schools are a nightmare.
  3. Oh. Apparently people in this school don't like new students. Something about not growing up with them, therefore they cannot be trusted no matter how long you know them. :I

    Pfft. I see. Memory is something a lot of people struggle with. I know that I cannot remember what I had for dinner 30 minutes ago...

    I'll be able to get everything except the love life. Lol. I'm terrible with relationships anyways. So it wouldn't make much of a difference. And if anything, I'll end up being a substitute, not that there is anything wrong with that. But subs tend to be treated terribly... and I'd probably end up braking down because people who refuse to learn anything from subs just make me so mad.
  4. What happened after you moved there? O.O

    Oh all of the speed, strength, and the ability to even remember what I did the previous day, went away.:/

    Okay, hehe I got you. I'm sure that you'll have all of those things INCLUDING the love life.
  5. 15... has been a nightmare. Ever since I've moved to NY, things have been terrible. Could be worse though. I'm not looking forward getting any older. xP
    How did everything go downhill?

    Hard work. I mean like... work. College. Trying to become a teacher... Love life(if I ever have one, which I probably won't) Money... Life. Everything!
  6. That's great^^ and LOL!XD

    I guess it happens sometimes, so don't sweat it.:P
    15 was a good age for me, 16 was better because I was at my prime! I was stronger, faster, smarter, and in every way better than I was before, but then I turned 17 and it was downhill from there:/
    So enjoy it while it last.

    Hard work? Do you mean school, or do you mean life in general, or something else?
  7. YEAH! I'm pumped!!!

    I hope so... Well, no. Because then I might forget what I'm doing. I'm a bit of an air-head. And I'll have to practice the solo so...

    Oh... Um... I'm 15, I'll be 16 in May. :3 I'm... fairly young. But, only 2 more years till the hard work really starts. <3
  8. Yes I do know, and that's the spirit!

    Hey maybe if you're going to be sick for awhile, it'll keep your mind off of the solo, and when the day of the solo comes around, you'll feel better.^^

    So how old are you Rebecca? And if you don't want to tell me out here in the open, you can always tell me in a private message.
  9. I'm not going to think about it. I'm gonna try my best and call it good, ya know?

    It should disintegrate within a few days, hopefully before my concert. Or else I'll be so mad.
  10. So have you already psych yourself out for this particular solo or are you just not going to even think about it yet?

    That's too bad, i really wish that I could do something for you. :/

    I just hope that it passes soon, so that you can get back to feeling like your normal self.^^
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