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  1. Yeah. It does count. Even breathing counts as something, but I'm not entirely sure if I did such a thing. D:

    Oh. It's a concert band concert.... that looks and sounds awkward, but we aren't an orchestra. We are a concert band... And we have a concert. I have to play 1st clarinet in it, which means I get an awesome 1st clarinet solo.
  2. XD

    Well at least you did something, and yes, crying counts as something.

    Concert? Solo? What kind of concert is it?
  3. I doubt it will, such things never help. I'm just hoping my cold will die out before my concert. It'd be terrible and I'd mess up so much if I was still sick by then. Coughing while trying to play a solo? No thank you.

    I think... all I really did was sit around in my bed, watching some PewDiePie videos. Then I played Amnesia The Dark Descent for a few hours and cried because I got scared.
  4. Thank you very much *hugs*

    And I tried herbal teas too for my stomach, and it helped a little, I think it was because of the Ginger in the tea that helped me, so I hope it works for you.

    So what did you do all day?
  5. That's good. I'm glad you are feeling better.

    And no, I'm unfortunately not. I am having some herbal tea medicine though. Hopefully it will help.
  6. Yes it was, and yes I am, thanks sis, hehe.^^

    So are you feeling any better since this morning or are you still feeling sick?
  7. Sounds like you've had quite the busy day. :3 Are you at least feeling better, Bro? I hope so. One of us at least deserves to feel better and I do hope it is you.
  8. Hehe, I got you, and I felt the same way when I woke up this morning.
    Well I hope you feel better soon.^^

    Other than feeling a little sick this morning, I went to work, came back home, showered, changed, and went to the library, left the library, then went to the store, and now i'm home.
  9. Well~ seeing as though I just woke up, not too bad. A little sick, but things could be worse. How are you on this fine morning?
  10. And i'm back and it's morning now, so how are you doing today my dear?
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