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  1. That sounds awesome^^

    And i'm doing alright, just relaxing a bit after answering messages that have piled up over the past 3 days of me not being online.

    So how's the weather there? It's been pretty good here, not too hot and a little breeze blowing.
  2. YAY~ Um. I'm pretty awesome today. It's.. actually been a good day, aside from the terrible weather. How are you?
  3. Well wait no longer because i'm finally free!XD

    So how are you today?
  4. Awesome. I shall be waiting then.
  5. Cool, well just let me get through answering these last 2 messages and i'll get back to you okay?
  6. HEE~ I'm so happy I just made a new friend~ Oh, we can talk now. If you are free, of course. :3
  7. Thanks for the friend request!

    And I guess i'll talk to you later, see ya.

    Oh and from reading your profile, you say that you're shy?
    Well I am too, plus I can never think of things to talk about, so if you want to talk, you can, and even about anime, I don't mind just listening.
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