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  1. It sounds like you have it all planned out, and that's awesome.

    As for me, I want to save up to get my own place and a nicer car, and i'd love to travel so that I could possibly meet some of my online friends.xD

    It sounds like you had it interesting day.

    Hehe, okay, thanks^^
  2. yeah that#s true. and nowadays this is not the exspected future^^ well a huge problem i have to pay a part of the costs for my trip t sri lanka in my easter holidays, then i will go shopping and start to save my money for after school and journeys u ahve something for what are u specially saving ?

    well exciting is not just exciting mostly i like the tasks i do but often it is pretty hard :/ well but today as well it was nice even though it took 4 hours for a meeting, but the atmosphere was relaxed i like it a lot

    yeah my dear u have destroyed my joy that i have something i could reply to
  3. Wow well good for you, i'm glad that enjoy doing all of that, because I don't think that most people would like doing that if they had a choice.^^So what will you do with the money that you make off of doing it during the summer?

    Define in many ways? Whatever do you mean my dear?

    Haha, yeah I just felt like I should get back into greeting the newbies, since a few names have fallen down the list without being replied to.^^
  4. ranma i just looked up whether there are some subscribed threads and then i was so happy when there were so many updated and then i look ranma, ranma, ranma, ranma, ranma
  5. yeah see! well it was a small company for crops research and so it was nearby, and we had to work on the fields, cutting the marked crops down, to put the packages in an order, working with machines, xou know? and this year iw ill do it for 3 weeks^^ fulltime

    ^^ exciting that u can define in many ways
  6. Haha, you're just like me, because I do prefer a little manual labor to alot of just sitting at a computer all day, like i'm doing now, lol. So what was your summer job?

    Yes I am^^

    Oh wow, it sounds like your week is way more exciting then mine!
    I just hope that you can keep up with all of that.
  7. like my summer job well i really like manual work more than just stupid boring office work -.-

    yeah it was awesome *-* church? religous guy?

    well my week is full of activities, student council meetings, my 12 pages long report for school, tests, tutoring and i got yesterday a new one.. timing just bad :/
  8. I guess it's a good thing, if you like working out in the hot sun and getting dirt in your eyes, than yes, it's "wonderful".:/

    That's cool, and all I did for the weekend was play computer games, eat, go to church, and a bunch of other stuff but nothing exciting.

    So how's your week going so far?
  9. well but that' s a good thing

    watching oys over flowers korean drama urs??
  10. That's cool^^

    I think I might have to work next week, but I won't know until the night before.

    So how's your weekend going so far?
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