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  1. yeah that's like french, english and latin. too well these are the basic languages mostly

    so well how does it look? i guess u have work?
  2. That makes sense, since I know that quite a few countries in Europe teach kids other languages other than their native language.

    Well I didn't have to work today and I don't think that I have to work tomorrow, but I won't know until tonight. So for now, i'm just relaxing.
  3. well that sounds really good i knew th basics of frenach cause i learnt it at school for 3 years

    today and weekend work? how do u do?
  4. Thanks^^

    Uh well years ago I tried to learn French and Japanese, and even though I never really tried to keep up with the French, I still do study Japanese from time to time. Not that im saying that I don't remember any French, but I remember more Japanese.
  5. yeah well then it's alright too be proud

    nooope !! in any case !

    yeah ;D say which languahe u can speak besides to swedish??
  6. Thanks, but I really don't know what i did any differently from anyone else who owns a cat, I just think that maybe he just liked living longer than other cats.

    Haha, cats are funny like that.

    I'm glad that you're able to improve your english, so keep it up!
  7. 23?! well then u took good care of him
    yeah okey. well it was often the case that i peacefully went the way to the bus stop and i thought there laid something on the street but then "it" suddenly started to jump my heart beat skipped

    waah i don#t know about 440? and u? on which forums are u? other ones like this?

    hehe where do you copied this wonderful sentence ;D well i lik it really and improving my english^^ DD
  8. Thanks, and he was 23 years old.
    Haha, my mother used to be afraid of cats, she was terrified if a cat even looked at her, but she eventually got over it, and I know what you mean about big dogs too.:/

    That's cool, so how many friends do you have on facebook?

    It's nice meeting people from other countries, it helps us to understand each other better, and it let's us know that we don't have those many differences from each other.
  9. oh i#m sorry. how old was the cat? well that is really true... but i do not know. i'm a bit scared of them :/ well but it's the same fpr big dogs -.-

    well i get it what u mean it's really nice well other than facebook i just registered in this forum, so i don't know so many people from abroad
  10. Haha

    I used to have a cat of my own, but he died last year.:/ Cats are okay, they're just more independent than dogs are.

    All i really said to her was that I was there for her, well not "literally" there for her, but there for her in spirit, well not an actual spirit because it's not like i'm haunting her or something.
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