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  1. yeah that's true but it's still annoying

    ha that's great ;D no own pets? well i do not have that great feeling for cats^^ they always starled me in the winter when i had to go to my bus stop for school in the mornings^^

    nice guy well what did u say to cheer her up? What is ur method? ;D
  2. That's what teachers are there for, didn't you know that already?

    Nope, i'm taking care of someone's cats for them while they're out of town, and they have 2 cats.^^

    Thanks and you're right, I do care. Because from the sound of her message to me it sounded like she's going through a really rough time, so I just wanted to cheer her up.^^
  3. hey don't laugh it's a serious matter... my life is always shortened by them -.-

    ^^ unfair your own cats? how many do u have?

    no prob it's nice when u care much about them so it's important to take the time
  4. Hahaha

    Yeah i'll just be relaxing here, and then I have to go feed some cats now.

    Oh yeah, and sorry for the late reply, I had to respond to a really long, and somewhat emotional private message.:/
  5. ^^ ahh and my teachers are so stupid... so there are a few problems with them, i just had to be mad -.-

    well that's cool haha thanks ;D any important plans today or just relaxing the whole day in the library again ?
  6. Lol, okay.

    And nope, I didn't have to go to work today, so i was finally able to catch up on the important stuff, like talking to you.
  7. hey waaah too tired -.- fell asleep at 19 o'clcok what about u? did u have work?
  8. Hey, how are you doing today?

    *needs 50 characters*
  9. lala how was ur work? everything alright? ahhh now i have weekend say why o u have to work on weekends?
  10. ^_^
    That's pretty cool!xD
    But I guess it makes sense that you've been to all of those countries since Europe has tons of countries there that you could drive to if you wanted. I only have 3 countries on the continent that i'm on, so to visit others I have to fly there.

    Well you could call me by my real name, it's Stan.

    Yep, you're right.

    And i'm sorry but I have to go pretty soon since the library is closing, so it's been nice talking to you, and I guess i'll see you later *hugs* bye

    I have to work tomorrow, so I might not be able to get on before you go to bed.:/
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