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  1. florida ? wtf?! cool ! wwah i'm so jealous well my sense for direction is that bad that i surely would not have recognized it
    yeah well i was already in france, sweden, switzerland, great britain and in the next holidays i#m going to go to sri lanka

    D yeah you have to ! say should i call you ranma? or another nickname, ranma is irritating i always think of a woman
    well that is good you know i hate english lessons okey actually not but with that teacer... ^^

    haha yeah well we always say that they want to take part in society and there only chance is doing that by stalking we won't be so low to do something like that ;D
  2. Yep, and I live in Florida, home of Disney World, not to be confused with "Disney Land" which is in California.

    And those sound like nice places to visit.
    Sure if you like, but there are plenty of Europeans in this forum, they're just too afraid to actually say it.^^Your English sounds okay to me, and just so you know, most Americans don't speak proper English anyway, so even if your English isn't perfect no one would notice.

    Yeah, I guess you're right,we just have to age with dignity.xD
  3. yeah mine too and also to buy a kimono you mean in ur state? where are you from?
    well i dunno, but i absolutely want to go to new york, los angeles, california but then also the national parks... waah just a world tour would be the best

    ah okey really? u have to introduce me to some european ones well here i#m able to improve my english^^ yeah that's nice

    yeeah really ! but what should we do?! just hope for a better future for us when we are so old
  4. Yes it would, and going to Japan is an old dream of mine that I hope to make come true someday. I'm sure you'll find lots to do in America, like where I live at we have tons of theme parks, like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, there are more but those are the main ones tourist like.

    Hehe, well I wasn't talking about in this forum, I was talking about another forum i'm in, but I do have a few European friends here too, including you.

    That's ashame, that guy should know better, but I guess we all have crazy neighbors.:/
  5. yeah that will be great well i really would like to go t japan and america!
    food, yeah i think so too really in europe? that is so strange here are most of the people from america

    yeah pretty often and his daughter is really ashamed instead of him
  6. Unfortunately, but if things work out for me I should be able to get over to Europe in a few years, I hope.^^
    I'm definitely looking forward to the scenery, art work, and of course, the FOOD!XD Plus I really want to get a chance to meet 1 or maybe more of my online friends there, since most of them live in Europe.

    Has your neighbor ever gotten into trouble trying to "intervene" in other people's business?^^
  7. whaaat, you were never in europe? ;D terrible mistake ! xD well i'm a collector of postcards and i love travelling, too !!!

    nop but he always try to solve the problems and is intervening and stalking ans checking... waaah just creeeepy -.-
  8. Yep I like traveling, even though I haven't been to many places.
    I've only to a few other states, and I went to Canada a couple of times, but that's all.^^

    Lol, have these neighbors of yours tried to arrest you?
  9. oh well that is cool do u like to travel? where do you have been already?

    yeah that is exactly the case! well we have one in our neighbourhood doing the work of the reporter ans of a police fficer -.-
  10. Except for language books the only other things I read besides mangas are travel books, and the library has a selection of videos I can get too.^^

    Lol, I think we all feel that way about the elderly or even nosy neighbors sometimes. Personally I don't mind them being curious about me every once in awhile, but they're always staring which really creeps me out.:/
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