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  1. really?! that is cooool do you like to read other books than mangas?
    #yeah oh okey that is really understandable well i have a problem with the eldery ones watching from the windows to stalk people and talk about it -.- just stuuupid ! -.-
  2. I kind of have to be at the library alot since I don't have the internet or a computer at home, lol. So since i'm on the computer alot, I practically live at the library.XD

    Yeah, that pretty much happens to all small towns, because most big cities started out as little towns in the middle of nowhere.^^ I mostly don't like the people, I mean, we have a few nice ones, but all of the rude and nasty ones come down here from up north and they just ruin it for me. Plus most of the locals aren't too nice either.
  3. yeah yeah

    yeah that's true well there are more books for little children... haha well that is hard are u often in the library?

    well before some years it was so quiet and nice, well now so many people settled down here especially young adults with their kids in the new built areas^^ i do not really like it -.- well but better then living directly in the middle of the own why you do not like it?
  4. I wasn't making fun of you, I guess it just depends on the person, because some people only truly wake up when it's really late.

    That's too bad, but I guess not all libraries can afford the same things. Like there was talk a little while ago about closing my library because the local government didn't think that it was worth keeping open.:/ I suppose since it's still open they must have changed their minds.^^

    Small towns are nice, I live in a small town too, but it's not so nice.:/
  5. hey don't make fun of me

    well maybe it will chang a time ;D

    oh that is really great ! well i libe in a small village an the libary can't afford something like that^^ so i bought one, and we are always betting on food, to decide who learnt better the vocabularys in the end of a month _D
  6. Oh you're a light-weight, I used to be able to function on only 4 hours sleep, and yet I was still awake(only partially) for school.

    Hehe, that's good to know.

    I love doing self-study, since the language books are free to use at the library, and they have TONS of Japanese language books. In fact one of the women that work at the library gave me a couple of their old Japanese books and cassettes.^^
  7. haha well sorry i'm just an normal pupil 16 years old^^ and i can't afford to be up to 3 o#clock cause i#m already sleeping max. 5 hours per day

    really? well me too xD

    oh that sucks. well i#m at the beginning... i'm doing self-studying with a friend of mine
  8. I guess that depends on what you consider late.^^
    Like some of my online friends who are 12 hours ahead of me will stay up super late just to talk, and they're usually on for hours, so it depends on the person I guess.

    Uh no, i'm "extraordinarily" straight.xD

    I'm not sure i think they're up to date on it, but i'm not sure.

    Oh wow, i'm technically still studying Japanese, i've been studying off and on for a few years, well more off than on.:/
  9. yeah and u call that not that huge of a time difference?!

    yeah well the same feeling like school -.- yeah joys^^ haha well i didn't assume that you are gay but maybe bi?!

    well but in englsih how far are they translated? in german they are really slow -.- haha cool, well i'm still trying to learn japanese
  10. Hehe, well it's more like 7 hours difference^^

    Nope, I had no work today, but I have to go to work tomorrow.
    Oh the joys of school, and hanging out with the bf I remember those things fondly, lol, jk. I hated school life, and i'm not gay so I didn't have a boyfriend.xD

    The only manga i've been reading are the newest chapters of Naruto, but i've actually been reading some language books, i've been trying to learn Swedish.^^
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