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  1. hmmmm, at this moment i am listening to paper moon(souleater ending) as loud as I can blast it on my speakers and making food for people and yeah..........
  2. Nothing much, just hanging out on this forum and another one XD

    So what how are you doing, and what are you doing right now?
  3. BAHAHAHA, HI!!!!!! yay, for once were on at the same time....What is up???
  4. Boo! ^^
  5. Baka? Okay okay "kirei", you don't have ADD, you're only "spaz tastic". But you know there's nothing wrong with having ADD, and okay so we'll both try to be on.xD
  6. Baka XP.... i know what ADD is, and for the last time i don't haz it ....n yeah I'm on the west coast and mkay, I'll shall try hard to be online from 5 to 7 this week
  7. Do you even know what ADD is?o.O

    And wow you're on the westcoast? Well i'm on the east coast so there will be a 3 hour time difference between us, so right now it's probably about 20 minutes after 5, hmmm.:/
    I really didn't want to stay up too much longer today because I didn't exactly sleep too well last night, but since you're out of school for the summer i'll try to be on and stay on between 5 and 7 your time throughout the week.
  8. i do not have ADD, i on the west coast
  9. You're welcome, and that's so cool. I love all of the Super Smash Brothers games. Like I remember years ago I used to play against a friend of mine, and he hated losing, so the one and only time that I was close to beating him, he turned the system off.:/

    Hehe I can tell you're "random" even though i'm sure it's ADD, but that's okay and i'll try to get back here before 7.^^
    Hey I forgot to ask you, what timezone do you live in?
  10. YAY!!!! THANKS well what do for fun when I'm not online???.... well i watch anime, play wii( dragonball tenkaichi 3 and naruto shippuden or super smash bros), go to the beach, listening to music, draw, go to the movies, go to my nearby comic store, try to go to concerts,um and the mall. Im usually online at random times but um i can try to be on at 5 or
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