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  1. Lol "spaz-tastic"? Is that even a real word?

    But you seem fun and interesting, and I like people like that, because they keep things exciting!xD

    So what do you do for fun when you're not online? Oh and what times are you usually on so that we can try to be on at the same time?
  2. maybe (well there shows that were 12 to 24 episodes) ..........n no i do not suffer from ADD, I'm just really spaz-tastic wen I'm bored so yeah
  3. Were these series the standard 26 epidsode series?

    And commenting on your message below mine, uh do you suffer from ADD or something? Just curious^^'
  4. Dude that sucks WELL, I know how to fix this problem of boredom,,,,,,...........ANIME!!!!!!XD OMG I've finished like 7 series in the past 3 days of my summer teehee
  5. Okay, even though Visitor Messaging is so limiting. (how many letters you can have in a single message I mean) It kind of puts a cramp in you saying alot.:/

    I know the feeling of boredom all too well. I've been sitting here for hours waiting for a friend of mine to log on to MSN, so that we can talk, and she finally did come, but at the time I was kind of finishing up a reply to a private message in another forum, and as soon as I was done I was going to say something to her, but the very instant I typed up most of what I was going to say to her, she logged out.
  6. visitor messaging ......please!!!!!XD its easier, meh im so bored
  7. Awesome

    So how would you prefer to chat? Through Visitor messaging, Private messaging, or instant messaging (if you have a Yahoo, MSN, or Skype accounts)?
  8. You're welcome, and cool.
  9. Thanks...i haz one more final and its espanol God me gusta O well then im off of school!!! YAY!!!!!
  10. Way to go and i'll be waiting!
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