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  1. Ok thats cooooooooooooooool and......................... bye ttyl
  2. Well i've already reported the post AND deleted you from my friend's list, so it's no longer a problem.
  3. teehee ooooooooppppps sorry......ah god sorrrrrrryyyyyyyXD
  4. It could be the fact that there's a word on my profile that got censored?
  5. no why??? what did i do??? so confused ?
  6. Uh am I going to have to remove you from my list? o.O
  7. bahhahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahaah lol idk ....somethingXD
  8. What exactly did you say on my profile? o.O
  9. There's no shame in being Bi-Polar, and I still accept you. *hugs*

    Your friend did what? lol xD
    You girls really know how to party
  10. OMG IM NOT BI-POLAR!!!!! :O n today i went to my friend's pool and blasted music and did flips of the diving board and made a cake and bitched to sprint about how their phones suck ass
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