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  1. yeah its pretty amazing and addicting, my fwend showed it to me n i played it like a million times after that
  2. Cool i've seen that game on TV, but is it really any good?
  3. i dont really play the computer games actually i rarely play any except for robot unicorn XD
  4. How long does it take for you two to load computer games?xD

    So what would you like to talk about?
  5. well idk either so meh and apples are the best computers ever XD
  6. Lol, well I wish an apple would work for me, but it seems that my computer problems only started when I came to this site today, so I haven't a clue what's wrong.:/
  7. i hate computer problems but i rarely have any cause i have an appleXD
  8. That's okay you still have plenty of time.^^

    And just a few minutes ago I was trying to figure out why this studpid computer of mine wouldn't let me get back into AO.
    I think I fixed it but i'm still so mad D:<
  9. yeah idk what i want to do in life yet what are u up to???
  10. Oh you could do it, just give it a shot.

    Plus you'll get to watch all of the latest anime series before most of America does, so you have to admit that you'd like that.^^
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