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  1. Thanks :$ and they're called the "Italian style" of glasses, I learned it from the couple that I got them from, who are retired Optometrist.^^
  2. Haha Cute! Love your facial expression. They do look a bit like mine, atleast we know they are in style.
  3. Well similar, and i'll just post a pic of myself on my profile since i'm too tired to make an album, so I hope you'll be able to see it good.^^(oh and i'm not as pretty as you are, plus it's not my best pic so don't say that I didn't warn you :/)

    I'm sure you had a good reason for getting them at the time, and glasses are cool.

    So how are you doing, and what brings you back to the forum?
  4. So you have glasses like mine? Pictures? I don't even know why I got glasses I barley wear them.
  5. Hehe, I noticed you haven't been here in awhile and it's alright, so thanks for replying to me.^^

    So how are you doing? Oh and welcome back
  6. Hello, I just saw your message on my profile today. Sorry, havn't been here in a while. Nice to meet you too.
  7. Well hi there^^

    I was just lurking through the profiles and I end up here.xD

    Anyways i'm Ranma, and it's very nice meeting you. *bows*
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