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  1. o_O random alright xD

    that 5 years will got quickly..seriously o_o
  2. *french accent* *smokes* ohh you sure didnt help moi ... i still have about 5 years su go ..

    im random, i know..
  3. So true >___> I guess just have to look at the end result of uni! got one year left before freedom and a better job..and you got...o_O 3? damn.. I'm not making things any better am I lol

    How is Uni going for you so far?
  4. And who knows whether or not the job would be better. <___<
  5. Haven't start yet :P still got 2 more weeks of holiday bliss..before the stress starts again >___>
  6. Hey how's uni? =]
  7. Boo! Xd
  8. oh no! I didn't eat the whole thing, I just cut off it's tail and let it free, felt mean killing it..

    XD I joke!
  9. You evil girl! YOu actually ate the poor cute little thing!
  10. Tastes much like a mixture between chicken and kangaroo LOL

    mmmm! Possum stirfry!

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