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  1. I think you should post a pic of yourself again. =]
  2. yep., still kickin' .
  3. You still alive?
  4. Yay! I thought you were mad at me when you didn't reply. =S
    So how's the girl-who-looks-better-than-Venessa doing?
  5. Sigh. AO seems to have issues with me, lol.

    That was the old me, tho.

    So, yes. I'm back (:
  6. She's back.
  7. *throws egg at you*
  8. I hope so ^^;; I have an infection and it sitngs. >_>
  9. Aww, no more pinching your cheeks then.
    Are you okay?
  10. crappy. i had an operation no too long before my birthday so my face was swollen and I felt horrible :l
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