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  1. Eh, I felt like it. And to see if you're good at comebacks.
  2. I'll go now. Buh bai!
  3. Time gap I suppose.
    I missed talking to you, and -whispers- for the past few days, I've been waking up till 3 am to talk to you. Shh, don't tell anyone.
  4. were being the key word. I'm not much of that kind of girl anymore, you probably wouldn't even recognize me if it weren't for the fact that I am still using this account.
  5. Hey, I can't be funny all the time. And lighten up, you were so good at comebacks. =]
  6. ...... not cute. You know, I wonder sometimes if being an ass comes naturally to you or if you actually have to work at it.
  7. What is a stickler? If it is what I think it is then every guy would wanna talk to you.
  8. Because I had to go to class.. besides, I highly doubt you want to talk to a stickler like me.
  9. -hugguls- Why go nao?
  10. Eh.... Maybe and I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing... Anywho, I have to go for now.. TTYL maybe?
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