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  1. O.o I'll cry!

    Oh really? I can? Thankie! -jumps on you and hugs you tightly- Now All I have to do is find an Avatar I want to use to go with it. ^^
  2. perhaps. and you may use my sig.
  3. O.o Are You Calling Me Chubby!?!
  4. Haha, you know what they say, like mother like daughter, like father like son
  5. lol I'm just playing. ^^x..
    yeah i know.. T.T -giggles- Yeah, she's getting pretty chubby
  6. Aww, sorry -pats your head- You move on so quickly.
    Damn dads all over the world Is Isy chubby?
  7. O.o -cries- Why you so mean?!!!!

    I"M NOT MEAN TO HER! My dad is the one who put her out there after I went to bed. -.- it's not my fault she woke hiim up
  8. Lol sucks to be you then. And you're mean to isy
  9. Eh.. Sorry. >< I'm talking to Mark as well.
    Oh I'm so happy for you! ^^x.. Me I'm still in school T.T but holidays are coming up!
    Poor Isy was outside all night!
  10. Waiting for you to reply ~_~ I graduated from school and having a holiday.
    And I don't know how to work
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