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  1. ^^x... yeah i know.. lol Oh hey, I left you a comment on your signature. BTW, I have to go soon. ><
  2. No 50 chars for me
  3. That was one helluva uick response! =O
  4. Oh no... why do you think that my brothers haven't been around lately?
  5. Mwahaha, just like her mommy x3
    Hey, apparently you laughed my suggestion off when I said you should tell on your parents
  6. lol, well lets see.. she drank my hot coco this morning when I was getting ready for school.. ate most of my chocolate creme' pie last night... >< She got into a fight with Jupiter the other day.
  7. Mwahahaha XD Her ebilness is acquired from me!
    Lol that's so cute. What else?
  8. Yeah, I guess it does and I dunno. I'm at school so she's probably sleeping on my pillow. >< She does that when i'm not on it.
  9. You didn't reply me on bebo either ToT
    Lol it seems like AGES since I've talked to you. You know, I was about to sleep hours ago, but if I did, I wouldn't have found you. Everything happens for a reason, eh?
    Is Isy meowing?
  10. Lol, I guess so. I'll try to get on more often. ^^ I'm apart of the AO magazine so I have to get on more anyway. And don't worry so much about me. I'm tougher than i seem.
    Isy is doing great! She sleeps with her mommy (me) every night and wakes me up now. O.o
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