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  1. -growls- Rave. I don't even know what ****ing turns you on and we were together for 2 years!
  2. oO why am I an idiot?... -growls and sits- Besides, i think it might just be a physical thing. He told me how to turn him on for crying out loud! -blushes and looks down-

    send me a pm... please...
  3. I'm not... I am... I DON"T KNOW! Mark might come visit me and I'm happy about that. ^^ Not to mention im falling for him all over again... >< DAMNIT! My head hurts ><
  4. I'm sorry but I can no longer have any contact with you. Hugo says so. It's not something I want to do but he seriously doesn't want me talking to you anymore... Bye..
  5. Good Night. ^^ Sleep well okay? Oh and be sure to not dream about killing anyone.. okay? ^^ Just kidding. -kisses your cheek- Good night rave.
  6. .... I don't think I know. oO... what does it involve?
  7. I don't know.... what is it that doesn't exist to you anymore?
  8. awww... that's so cute! -smiles softly- Hey Princesslady, how you been?
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