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  1. Yup, you looked asian.
    And what's with the hairstyle? =_=
  2. O.o I look what?!

    Yeah I know.. >< I'll try uploading them to my actual pictures.
  3. Speaking of Japan ... you look asian. v_v;; btw I can't see the pics in the gallery.
  4. BTW.... Happy Valentines Day. -hugs- Hope yours was good...
  5. See It is.. I mean granted it's for your country and all but still.. I dunno.. I just couldn't do it. Not to mention if it means that I'll be taken away from those I love... Like going to Japan... ****ing japan for christ sake! ><
  6. It's not about killing, you know.

    x__x well yesh it is ... LOL
  7. yes, I kind of figured that's what you met...

    And no... I actually stopped thinking about it.. It's not right for me, I couldn't kill those people.. I'm not much of a fighter... you know this.
  8. Meaning a lot of cats.
  9. You wanted to join the army right?

    I know she does, I found a lot of issy's in my area.
  10. Eh... what are you talking about?

    BTW: Isy misses you and sends her love
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