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  1. Nothing much dude, I got into uni, so sorta busy now.
  2. Hey dude what is up have not talked in a long long time so what has been goin on?
  3. Huh sorry I'm a lil busy ^_^; Hows you?
  4. Hey dude what is up me and you are the only 2 on here.
  5. Hey dude what is up how was everybodies christmas?
  6. Sorry, don't have it. =(
  7. Hey dude what is up Rave I have a question do u have a wii? Leave titles of games for me in my thing everyone can if u want list titles of the most sickest games for wii peace.
  8. Hey r u there dude or is your comp just bein slow?
  9. Can I trust you to do something for me I really need to have this checked?
  10. Is there a reason it says the administrator has disabled playing games for your usergroup?
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