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  1. Can't call her, I live in Australia.
    And nope, nothing on her. Although I have my doubts about "Whitey".
  2. Any word from kasey lately? (asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf)
  3. Ahh, sorry then.
  4. dont have her number simple as that and if I did her parents would murder me, so therefore no.
  5. Could you please call her? If you do, it'll be the last time I bother you and I'll tell you how to beat the 50 character rule.
  6. Umm, she was in the hospital lately, so I was wondering if she's there again.
  7. No I have not, and besides what does it matter?

    (stupid stupid rule makes me be creative more so than usual
  8. She hasn't been on in a while, so I was wondering if you talked to her on the phone lately?
  9. Yes I am her friend why do you ask? - then the allmighty British jesus smite the nonbelievers with his guitar of smiting, this rendering the 50 char rule null and void-
  10. Hey dude, you're Kasey's friend right?
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