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  1. Showwy. Please don't eat me.
  2. Ehh, sorry. It was late and I was tired.
    ..aaaannndd I just remembered that I haven't made the sig from the pic you gave me.
  3. I have no idea what you're talking about now.
  4. I had to lean close to see the confused expression of yours.
    So you can't remember huh. =S
    I wanted to see what encyclopediadramatica had to say for her.
  5. Religion. Tsk.
    Oh and do you remember the retarted girl on youtube that does nothing but to try and look cute and does that stupid peace sign at the end? Her name starts with K, right?
  6. I thought religious extremism but I can be off.
  7. Yeah, back then you weren't that good on graphics were you.
    What exactly happened to the guy? Gang..murder?
  8. It is a real person and a real photograph. Want to see the matching avatar I made for it? Of course you do.

  9. Stick around. I must be really twisted to be laughing at what could be a real dead person.
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