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  1. Meh one of my old signatures already had something similar to that.

  2. A big nail maybe?
  3. Haha no, I didn't say it was less gory, I said it was not gory enough. How abouuuuttt a guy with a nail hammered through his face? You know, similar to your sig.
  4. The previous one just had a dude smiling and this one has a dude who's head is removed from the body. How is that less gory?
  5. No no, for some reason it's not that gory for me. =S
  6. ?
    My new signature is more gruesome than the previous one.
  7. Looking at your new signature I'm wondering where your gruesome-ness disappeared.
  8. Yes ma'am!
  9. Good luck with that. I never use my real name on the internet for anything. Which is because I keep internet life and real life as separate as I can.
  10. I'll guess your name. =]
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