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  1. And a good amount of others too!
  2. Ah, one of those. I've seen that kind of schedule before.
    Don't worry, it'll get tough, but you'll find out that there's a good way to dodge most of the work.

    ...oh, and ask one thing from the professor: "Am I able to record you through a voice-recording-device / video camera? Just so I can make sure I got all the notes!"

    If he/she says yes, then you don't have to take notes! Just doodle.

    Also, if they allow laptops/tablet pcs for note-taking, go for it!
    It's a great way to keep yourself from being disinterested.
    ...also a great way to multi-task and go on AO, like some of the old members did when they were in college.
  3. Well yeah, depends completely on your college and scheduling.
    ... after 4 semesters worth of classes, you should be able to see what loopholes you can use in your college. Every college has 'em, you just have to look for them.
  4. Also, it isn't about letter/number-grades anymore.
    It's all about pass/fail!
    Which is a relief since you can slack off on your final assignment if you're sure you're going to get at least the minimum grade for the entire semester!
    Careers don't look to see if you got a good grade, only if you have the diploma.

    One more thing, with a syllabus, you know how many days you can miss in college. So you can schedule which days you want off! No questions asked, just ask a classmate if you can photocopy their notes!
  5. Some studies do only have 4 years of study, but then they say "Well, what about this subject? You've got to major on this, too!" ... and then the student says "....WTF?!!!".

    It's not fully wide-spread yet, but in a year or two, it's gonna' be "law".

    Well, I'm on my 4th year right now. Seems like a long time, but it really isn't. In highschool 4 years was long. In college, it seems to go at the right pace.
    Trust me, once one semester's over, it didn't feel like that long.

    Is the studying tough?
    Yes and no.

    Yes because the studies need much more work than highschool ever did and they're going to be as tough as a military sergeant on you in grading.
    No because it all depends on the professor's way of teaching. Getting the right professor could make you completely interested in a subject and pass it without trouble.

    Yes because the hours are long and you could be forced to make a 100+ page paper in the worst cases.
    No because you're not restricted to the information you're getting and how you obtain them as long as you reference them, and you're not restricted to HOW the paper is made (I HATED the 3-paragraph essays in highschool, I love college-standard).

    Yes because getting several homeworks at once can flood you and make you feel like drowning with all the work you've got.
    No because that really depends how you scheduled it, you could easily finish all that homework in one night as long as you didn't stack several classes next to each other.

    Yes because the weekends feel much further away.
    No because you can (depending on your school) schedule your classes so that you have more than just the weekends off (like during this schedule, I only have Tuesdays and Thursdays for classes... Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! WHOO! ).

    Yes because you may need to put some classes on Satudays.
    No because Saturday classes are the most relieving classes to leave from... Saturday's the new Friday in college, and it feels SO GOOOD.

  6. Lol, thanks for the hug!! *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggg* (I have an extra 'g', ha!)
  7. So far just "4-years"... it's more like 1 and a half years considering I dropped a bunch of classes and didn't have one every semester.
    It woulda' taken me a single year to get my GEs done, but since I was new to college and was messing around with the schedules, I put them off for so long.

    But thanks to that, now I know how to schedule my things perfectly. It took me a while to get the hang of it.

    It sucks now though, since certain rules going around the educational systems make a 4-year graduation practically "not count". They still count, but jobs don't look at them as seriously anymore. 10-years is now the one that gets you jobs around here.

    ... but thanks to me laying around lazily instead of trying to get into classes, I learned from a bunch of people and companies that the schooling doesn't even matter as long as you've got a good portfolio.
    Community College students have beat University graduates into getting jobs just because they've got better things to show than just grades.
  8. That's why I prefer the scheduling I make. My scheduling keeps my mind on track...
    It also helps for Online classes, if I ever get my hands on one, those things are a DREAM.
    They work sooo perfectly into my schedules.

    If Abu weren't around, I'd die in all honesty.
    Or just turn into a complete recluse and hiss at anyone who crosses my path!

    ...it's already a bummer I've never/still never/never will do great in institutions. Most teaching methods don't work on me since I've got a form of ADD.
    I only work best when I work hands-on things.
  9. Well, if it shuts them up, I do the classes anyways.
    Ain't gonna' be anything my family wants me to be, but I could at least pretend I'm heading in that direction!
    I just do those classes to please them, while doing the classes I want on the side.

    It'll take a lot longer to graduate going this way, but I'm patient enough for it.
  10. Always do.
    But hey, if they gotta' be done, they gotta' be done.
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