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  1. mhmm thats a really hard question to answer I guess I would have to say the bad ass without the bad ass attidute! >_< and ima sucker for emos metal heads skaters and..aggressive just a bit
  2. Lol yeah I know the guy that I want doesnt truely exist or so I am told...but hey it doesnt hurt to dream lol Im not rushing just sitting and waiting for him to come to me not the other way around lol
  3. lol same here ive been bored lol so whats up? hows it goin?
  4. I just started to fool around in photoshop at a very young age, and I learned over the years. I've been mastering illustrator since 2,5 years now and I'm currently trying to animate my designs in Flash. Also, I like to combine illustrator and photoshop to give it more effect. And well I started being noob >_>, and I'm kinda worked myself to get better. Also I need to design a lot of things for college. Lot's of assignments and projects leads for opening photoshop and illustrator XD.

    I'm 20, not way older then you though. You don't really need tutorials to learn how to photoshop, but it might be handy for some effects you want to give to your designs. If I'm inspirationless I sometimes got the nerve to look up some advance tutorials and make something with that, just to fool around. Sometimes it leads to being able to make something that you never done before, and that can be a plus for your next design. I hardly do so anymore though, now I just look around for other peoples designs (great designers) to get inspiration from. And try to make my own designs a little bit better .

    It's all about the passion Rave, it's all about the passion <3
  5. Lol I'm handy with Adobe Design package since I've been doing it for over 7 years now :P. I'm studying to be an interaction and visual designer. I design games (flash), interfaces (websites or applications) and graphic stuff all the time. It's really my passion, and I want to grow and get better and better . So I have been practicing a lot to get as far as I am now. I'm alright though, I think I'm still growing .

    You're not bad yourself . I like your design style, guess you've been practicing too huh ! Anyway, I was your buddy when we had our old profiles, let's redo the bond :P. How are you btw?
  6. Genius and smartness? I guess if you're a genius, you can solve complex problems and the like with logic and reasoning, but with being smart, there's so much variety. To me, it doesn't just boil down to logic, but rather, things like survival instincts, intuition, common sense even. So yes I think there's a difference. =]

    Haha I get asked that question a lot. How much of my precious time do I dedicate to studying a day? When my teachers/parents ask, I'll say something like "at least 3-4 hours", just to make them happy. If I was honest though, maybe 1-2 hours. Yes, I know. Shame on me! xDD

    I don't think it's silly for a school to only accept "smart" people, because honestly speaking, I like it so much better at my school than my previous school. It's a lot more competitive here, and the standards are a lot higher, which is good because I didn't feel like I was being challenged enough at my previous school, and I always felt that the standards were too low. Being compared to people at my level (and higher, the geniuses =_+), also gives me a reason to be competitive, and I'm actually trying a lot harder now than before. It's like, I didn't try before, but now, I'm trying pretty hard lol.

    Oh shizzlesss I gotta go now. Mum's nagging me lol. Family dinner time - I don't wanna goooooo >.<
    Nah. I don't wanna do that.
    Besides, she can realize that herself.

    I know that anime.
  8. >_>....<_< you wanna know the truth?...>_< its because.....*suspenseful music*....I am a hopeless romantic searching for that right person who is in the poem and yet no matter how man times i write about him he never knows what they mean except that their about love
  9. Well thank you VERY much it makes me happy knowing that people like my loveless poems! ^_^
  10. Hey!!!! Whats up? I havent talked to you in a while. Hows it goin?
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