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  1. Like a baby? You ARE a baby. xD

    No, I'm not wealthy. I just don't mind spending the money for a holiday. I deserveeee a holiday lol. I'm hoping the AUD will be better by the end of next year. It was heaps good at the beginning of this year -I should have had my holiday then lol.

    The essay was alright. I don't mind writing essays at all, but I do mind doing math lol. I'd choose words over numbers anyday.
  2. Oh wow you're designing T-shirts?
    How can you stay up so late? I'm dead by 1am at the latest lol.

    I'm looking into holiday destinations such as the USA (I have lots of relatives over there so I could just stay with them & save on accommodation fees), but I'd much rather holiday in Europe (namely London, Paris & Rome), and maybe even Japan. I'd really like to visit the war memorials around Europe of WWI & II 'cuz after studying modern history and learning about it all, I feel the need to go see it all for myself. The details of the wars are really moving. The tragedy was that the wars went on for so long. The mistake was that it ever happened at all.
  3. New anime-ish version of PPG? I haven't watched it in years, and if it's that horrible, I'm not sure that I'd want to watch it again lol.
    You can always go back & visit your school, so cheer up lol. Unless you're telling me that you enjoy waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to ship your ass to school.
    I start my first session of private tutoring this Sunday. Hopefully I can ace math for my HSC year. =]]
    I haven't gone overseas yet because my mother is afraid of plane crashes. I suggested a cruise instead, but she reckons we're all gonna drown. I'm definitely going overseas after my HSC though. Mum'll phone me every hour to make sure I haven't died yet, but anyways. She'll live. =]]
  4. Hey r u there? U r the only one that is on here besides me and i am new here sorry if I am bothering you to much and annoying you.
  5. Hey what is up u and me are the only ones on here I believe.
  6. Yeah.... they got me. They got me good....lol... No. But seriously, it was deleted. Most of the staff I spoke with agreed that the use of the word bitch in my poem was appropriate. But leaving it upwould have opened the flood gates for other users to test their limits. People woulda been using profanity in all their pssts It could have caused a mass hysteria of sorts! Probably not. But I understoood the precautionary measures taken. Maybe I will post a more censored version here. But the uncensored version is in the new AO mag they have going now. Check it out! ^^
  7. PowerPuff Girls? Boring? Never! xDD
    Scrubs & Kyle? Haven't heard of that one before. No I haven't seen mychonny's videos yet lol. It's on my weekend to-do list though.
    Yeah she was 26 at the time of filming I think. The fact that she's pretty small kinda helps with making her look younger. I still liked her heaps though. =]
    My school's pretty big for a girls' school. To get from one side to the other would take more than 2mins, that's for sure lol. Or maybe I just walk slow. We have too many stairs in my opinion.
  8. No I am not ,In The Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing..

    wow Great Good luck then ..which college you will apply for it ??
  9. LOL you liked the PowerPuff Girls? No way! xDD
    Oh come on, Jacob was ugly if anything. I was so disappointed with his casting. I liked Josie though. She was awesome. =]
    Yes I love my school. It's the bestest thing that's ever happened to me. xD
    I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. It's just school, you know? One more year & I can kiss goodbye to school uniform forever.
    I still get candy from my doctor lol. He's known me since I was a baby, so yeah, whatever. I aint ashamed. xDD
  10. It's ohkay, talking to you is fun lol.
    I used to have pay tv, and my favourite channel was the Cartoon Network one. PowerPuff Girls = awesomeness. xD
    I've seen the film of Looking for Alibrandi. It was kinda weird hearing the Aussie accent though. I'm so used to the American accent in films lol. It was a good adaptation, but I didn't like Jacob in the film. No offence to him, but he wasn't as hot as the book makes him out to be. =]

    Our rules are outdated alright. Plus, the school's heritage listed, which means we can't knock anything down - not even our school fence, so that means we're stuck with the short fences that anyone can climb over.

    I'm a crybaby when it comes to physical pain lol. I hate having to get vaccinated, and I cry every time I sprain my ankle.
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