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  1. Lol, how can you be bothered to soak almonds in water overnight, then peel off the skin in the morning? If you say it works, then I'll try it one day. =]]
    I've read Looking for Alibranda. I'm actually doing it for my self prescribed text. Mr Enigmatic? Haven't heard of that one before. What's it about? It sounds interesting.
    Haha not a lot of students tuck their shirts in, unless they're at some snobby rich school where they pride themselves in their appearance. My school has a rule where girls aren't allowed to have their skirts more than 10cm above their knees when bending. Does anyone follow the rule? Not really lol. They get our brains to make them look smart - what more do they want?
    Oh yes, I'm expert at dealing with pain. I do cry quite a lot for someone my age, but anyways. Let's not talk about that. xD
    I like light stuff that doesn't require too much brain power, 'cuz honestly speaking, I think I use my brain too much lol. I have a theory that selective school students have more white hairs than normal schools. I'm glad I haven't had any white hairs yet lol. One more year to go though!
  2. Lol! Just call me dani. And yes, you're humourous. xD
    Skinned almonds? I might try that one day lol. I've got exams in two weeks time, so thanks for the tip. =]
    No I haven't seen the videos yet. I will, soonish.
    20 questions is a game I used to play in primary. It's like, the "truth" part of "truth or dare". Not sure why it's called twenty questions though. As far as I'm concerned, the amount of questions you can ask is unlimited lol.
    Dead Poets' Society? No, I'm not sure that I want to lol. I saw the play of As You Like It. It was a good production, based on a boring script.
    I don't know. Are my bones strong? I bruise easily, so I guess not lol.
    What things do I like? Such a vague question lol. I like a lot of things, like shopping, dancing, sleeping, bubble popping...
    Hurry back from vacuuming! It's weird that you're vacuuming this late at night lol.
  3. Oh shucks, I had some chocolate after dinner. Does sugar seriously make you sleepy? I thought it would help me concentrate lol. I can see now that it isn't working. xD
    No I don't get angry much, I just get passionately irritated at times. There's a difference lol. I'm never irrational.

    Oh are we playing 20 questions or something? xD
    I'm writing an essay on the similarities & contrasts between the French film Amelie (I found it hilarious) and the Shakespeare play As You Like it (a real bore if you ask me).
    How I came up with my username is a good question lol. I really don't know. I've had it for what, four years now?
    No I'm not freakishly flexible lol. Despite the good sides to being more flexible than most, it does hurt sometimes. I mean, I can dislocate my shoulder joints at will, but it really does hurt. Sometimes when I'm shoved against a hard surface (crowded train stations are the worst), and my shoulder forecefully dislocates, it kills like none other.
    No you're not disturbing me lol. Essay's not due til Friday. =]
    What did you mean by pose? I replied by the way lol.
  4. Lol! The debil's spawn came out rather well didn't she. xD
    Violence is no answer. I think it's silly to be violent. I once knew someone, who apparently had too much testosterone in his blood, so he was always aggravated and easily provoked. He didn't have a choice in his violent tendencies though, but I believe that if you do have a choice, you should stray as far from violence as you can. Did you know, men on average are 30-40% physically stronger than women?

    Yeah, Linkin Park lol. Rock on - I love their guts. xDD
    Oh I'm not going to bed yet. I still have to finish writing this essay lol.
  5. LOL you can be insanely mean if you want? Should I be afraid? xD
    "To violence against women, Australia, says no... Authorised by the Australian Government...." Haha gosh I can never forget that voice. It's funny how fast they speak towards the end.
    No I'm not studying. It's too late lol. I'm gonna go to bed soon.
  6. Lol! You're such a softie. Too nice to throw a real brick at me? xD
    I'm no baby! The weather really is grossss - so humid and icky. I feel like I'm sweating all the time, but it's only the moisture in the air. Yuckk.
  7. Lol alright then.
    Gosh the weather was gross today, and it's gonna be worse tomorrow. What happened to our Aussie spring days with blue skies and sunshine? I don't wanna leave the house tomorrowwwwww. =[[
  8. Ladybugs are so colourful & pretty =]]
    I don't youtube a whole lot. I prefer veoh lol. So what's so funny about mychonny's videos?
  9. Lol, no I wasn't studying. I just got back from my cousin's 19th party, and we had a strike today so I could sleep in. =]] Stop work meetings - rock on!
    I'm insulted! I demand that you add me on facebook!
    I enjoy spamming on facebook. xD
  10. Lol! Mood ruiners xDD Were you searched before you went into the formal room? I remember the guys getting frisked before being allowed into my formal last year. They didn't even look into our handbags though.
    Do you have a facebook?
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