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  1. sup u loser. How have u been?
    damn 50 character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello!!!! I'm so happy!!!! I just made my best siggy yet!!! ^^
  3. -gently hugs you-
  4. No prob!

    ... ^^; sorry for the rants, DBZBT3 is a favorite DBZ game of mine. Get a bit carried away...
  5. Other than Dragon Dashing through cliffs and mountains?
    ...there is blowing up the buildings with a blast, and you'll find the Dragon Ball on the floor... but the enemy CAN take it before you can... and they most often do.

    ... there is another way... Tournaments. Every tournament except for the regular World Tournament has a certain chance to earn a dragon ball.
    Just make sure you dash into at least one building/cliff in order for it to work.
    If you dash into at least one building/cliff/obstacle, and beat the tournament, there's a good chance you're offered a Dragon Ball. ...which is a pretty sweet deal, large cash prize + a dragon ball!

    ... I tend to just repeat certain battles in Story Mode, battles that have an arena with easy to crash-through areas (aka: Frieza's ship in outer space, or the ruined city)... just smash through those as much as you can until you find a Dragon Ball (knocking away the enemy every time they come close), then KO the enemy.
    Also, the difficulty DOES affect the % chance you'll find a Dragon Ball. The harder the difficulty, the better chance. But it'll never be 100% chance, remember that.
  6. On most of them, you have to earn them through Story Mode. Beat a certain battle or saga, and you'll unlock them.

    On others, you have to earn them through defeating a VERY SPECIFIC tournament...
    (aka, things like: Otherworld Tournament Level 2 - Cell Games Level 3 - Yamcha Games Level 3)
    ...that's one of the most difficult, as you'll have to keep leaving and entering the Dragon World Tour mode until the Tournament randomly changes into it.
    (the fastest way to make it change is to enter another mode and exit, then return to the Dragon World Tour mode)
    (but in my opinion, as long as the prize money is high, you might as well enter any tournament they give you, so you can at least buy some items and maybe earn a Dragon Ball)

    Then of course, there's some you need the Dragon Balls to wish to have them as a character...
    There's two characters, one is through a regular Shenron wish, the other is through a Red Shenron wish.
    If you haven't noticed by now, the type of Shenron that appears is random...
    but USUALLY follows the pattern of Regular Shenron -> Porunga (Namekian) -> Red Shenron.
    ...sometimes mixes up into Regular Shenron -> Porunga -> Regular Shenron -> Red Shenron.

    But either way, getting Dragon Balls is worth it no matter what.
    ...for most people it takes forever to get Dragon Balls, but I can give you some (kinda' obvious) tips to earn them faster.
  7. Yeah okay... if you say so... Besides there's only one guy I want to think I'm hot and he does... I think...
  8. Any word from kasey lately? (asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf)
  9. Hey i have an rp it's called Quest To The Wastelands if u want to join it feel free thanks btw im Wasted
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