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  1. Answer me this Rave; do you know what lulz is?
    And yes i am getting lulz out of you for that matter ^_^
  2. I see.
    I lol'd hard at that remark.
    That's what you might think, but oh well.
  3. Most of them i have known them for years, so yeah. Rave, you are a very lulzy guy, its not good to be lulzy in the internets. I think that is the reason why a lot of people have gotten lulz out of you and you see them as enemies.
  4. I know them ^_^.
    Nope, this is info that is out there in the net for anyone to read. Dude, everyone has enemies out there, its not only you, heck even i do.
    So, you just got toyed.
  5. [Then your faith is wrong. Me a shady character? Dude, how can yo ustudy my past on HERE of all places? THIS place has given me more misery than the number of text messages you send her every week.
    Do you seriously believe that I hurt a dozen of women just for the sake of it? I know it's a bit cliched but, you have no idea in HELL what they have put me through.
    Mathematically speaking, 98% of them toyed around with me. Just like that.
    Have you heard of Blade X? Well to give you an insight on my true life, he was the one who took away all my girlfriends. Every freaking time. Do you believe that was a coincidence? Hmm? That's what Koga23 has done to me. But no, some jackasses HAD to spread rumours just to be proven wrong in the end.
    Yes, that is true. If you still believe those rascals then you're a fool.
    Have you even looked at enough depth in my, let alone Jamie's past? How much do you know about her? Hmm? Do you know she would let guys do whatever they wanted to her, so she wouldn't "have to loose their frendship"? Hmm?
    Come back when you're a 100% sure about your "faith".]

    I lol'd pretty hard at that rant. I didn't get my info about you hurting other chicks from those two, i could careless about them. I got my info from various reliable sources which i won't name for their own safety and well being. Look Rave if you got toyed and stuff you must have done something previously to that, although i can never rule out the possibility that they might have done in fact toyed with you and whatnot. However, to call me a fool its very naive of you, when you don't know where i get my info from. Wow, heheh that is the first time i hear something like that about her, but still that coming from you is still disputable info.
  6. Honestly, if you weren't a shady individual i wouldn't care whether she talks to you or not. Although, after taking a look at your past and all the things you did to her as well as to other girls. I decided that you were a bad influence to her. I told you why i did what i did and still you are telling me that i don't have faith in her. As a matter of fact, i do have faith in her and believe in her, but given the facts i already pointed out about you i came to the conclusion that she should stop contacting you for the good sake of the relationship she and i have. I am pretty sure you are very pissed of at me and whatnot, but the decision i made i did it in good faith.
  7. I'm sorry but I can no longer have any contact with you. Hugo says so. It's not something I want to do but he seriously doesn't want me talking to you anymore... Bye..
  8. Good Night. ^^ Sleep well okay? Oh and be sure to not dream about killing anyone.. okay? ^^ Just kidding. -kisses your cheek- Good night rave.
  9. I may not have to do them lol my teachers allowing students who has very good grades to skip their finals
  10. Ahh no wonder! And good luck with your comming exams!
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