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  1. Well, not literally! xD;; It's not like I'm going to meet you somewhere to has a contest! Would be epic though.
  2. We sure are.
    But so are many animals.

    ^-^ We humans do a lot of weird things for fun.
  3. Yeah, but I'm committed right now.
    So reminiscing about my flirting-days makes me feel old.

    ...cruel? Nah. The girls want to. And online, every guy's got a chance to get the girl.
    I healthily competed with many other "suitable guys" on forums to get the most fangirls.
    I competed against the smart guys, the omg-hawt-guys, the mature guys, the "official"-guys, and the crazy-guys.
    I was the romantic. Love poems, sweet comforting, always knows what to say, stuff like that. Needless to say, I got a ton of fangirls (only 2-3 of them are counted in my "gf collection" -that sounds so awful-, fangirls are just fangirls). But I was beat by two other guys. Top guy had experience on his side, being the oldest "gal ga-ga" of us all.

    It wasn't cruel since the girls felt like they were part of a group. Like a clan.
    They would fight amongst each other just to feel like they were the top of their clan.
    It wasn't cruel to guys since it gave many online guys guidelines and tips on how to woo a girl. ...gave them a fighting chance.

    The girls knew it wasn't too serious, though. Just a little fun fad-thing to do.
    And it got many of them the attention they wanted.
  4. Lawlomygosh! Anytime, anywhere, it's goin down! >D
  5. I don't. I hated school. (not for kid reasons, but just cuz I never... ever EVER fitted into the education system O_o)
    But I wouldn't have met Abu if I didn't stick to good ol' school.

    A fanclub? Easy, you smooth talk girls, get them emotionally attached to you, and make sure one of them is a hyperactive girl.
    The hyperactive girl starts the fanclub, the organized girl makes sure it's a solid club, the older girl makes it seem okay for anyone to join, the cocky girl's the biggest mascot, the hottest girl becomes what all the other girls strive to be, and the youngest girl's your biggest fan!
    That's how it was for both of my fanclubs!

    Hell, if AO stayed in its "Chat Forum" days for just a few months more, you could very well have gotten yourself a fanclub!

    *sigh* Good times.
    I feel like an old man talking about those days.
  6. Song's awesome.

    ... It's kinda' sad though, everytime I run into my old "fangirls" ( I had a fanclub), they don't recognize me anymore.
    ^^; It was nice feeling to be obsessed by so many girls.

    I was such a playa, even in real life.

    But hey, I had to "settle down" with a single girl sometime.
    Can't really find a future-wife among the girls who don't mind you being adored by other girls.
  7. Yes, and Abu hated it.
    And still hates that I did.

    In fact, when I got with Abu, I had to sever all ties I had with all my online gfs.
    Understandable, but I'll still miss 'em. They were good friends. ^-^
  8. If I'm a member of 13 forums, 46 online girls isn't that many.
  9. Nope, didn't do it either. But it's okay, looked it up and found it on http://anime.thehylia.com

    Pretty awesome. ^_^ Thanks!

    ... And no, I don't call it my internet years cuz it's my "college years". It IS my college years, but my internet years are long gone.
    Back then, I was a member to over 13 forums, and consistently posting in them. Had a deviantart, livejournal, deadjournal, bravejournal. Had 3 angelfire websites. Was a mod in one forum. Drew webcomics daily. "Dated" 46 online girls at the same time. Made bookmarks for people to download and print. And had over 10,000 downloaded songs.

    ........ it's funny how I'm awful with names and dates, yet I can remember all that.

    Yeah, no way is this still my internet years.
  10. Yea! I love spicyness, it's kinda passed down you know ^^;; I'm hispanic.
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