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  1. Wow you get to talk to everyone but me. Is this like isolation. Just kidding. Hope you've been doing ok. Laters.

  2. I got that picture from Its in the e-cards section.
  3. Where'd you get that picture from?
  4. Alright later. Have fun with whatever you gotta do. Hopefuly I'll be able to talk you again soon.
  5. Thanks for the photo, and I understand.
    I have to go now, see you later
  6. I've got mostly AP maybe I'm smart. But I don't wanna be concieted about it.

  7. I hope you like this
  8. Here, senior year is hard. Maybe you're smart or it's just easy there.
  9. Oh thats cool. I'm graduating this year. Sneior year is easier than i expected it to be. Now I'm just looking for colleges to go to once I'm out
  10. Oh, sorry about that. I recently graduated and I gotta study and all.
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