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  1. -Falls through the ceiling-

    It's time for... Steph's Fun Facts! -Sheaths finger at lapislazuli, in accordance with the current discussion-

    Lapis Lazuli is a royal blue semi-precious gemstone, containing tiny gold flecks of pyrite. In the zodiac, its symbology falls into the region of Aquarius, or Taurus. It also symbolises the planets Venus and Saturn. It is the birthstone of September, or in ancient terminologies, December. (Ironically, this is my birthstone! ^_^)

    It is said to have energies bringing love, strength, protection, and healing. The ancient Egyptians thought it symbolised Truth, and buried a lapis lazuli scarab to protect the dead, along with the mummy. As from what I could find of the name meaning, it means "Blue" (azure) or "Heaven", from the latin Lazulum; stemming from the Arabic term Lazaward and lazhward in Persian. This forms the Lazuli part, or so my sources say. ^_- And yes, in latin, Lapis simply means "Stone". It promotes peace, knowledge and wisdom, enhances insight and awareness, opens the Third Eye, harmonizes and balances, and supposedly helps block psychic attack and is used in the nullifying of curses.

    -Bow, bow- ... -Accepts roses thrown at him dutifully- <3<3
    Thank you, thank you. xD
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