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  1. omg, I am your elder youuu know. >.<
    Now strip naked so I can beat you with a stick!! >

    uh hum, anywhooo

    Le' bento delicious. =D

  2. Who's a wittle girl... me? *hmph how rude* o.o
    Rushils!!! no way, thats so kewl. :3 It has a catchy ring to it, ne? >.>
    BTW, have you ever tried a bento-delicious? :O
  3. I carrreee. o.o

    anyhow, apologies for the late response I've been busy with obligations for the new year. >.<

    Okies my RL name is Tina. *creepy ne?* >.> What's yours?

    BTW ~ Holy crap!! my surname is "L.. E" are you psychic? x.x
  4. Nah! Reese is just my alias... my real name? that's a secret. xD
    Is Rave your real name? xD

    Me, rich? Actually I think liverpool is anything but rich.. too many bums. >.<
    Yaaay!! RAVEY!! thank you! Now I can watch past the chunin exam. x.x

    Hmm.. oh my artworks are too ugly to display at this point in time. ;_; Rave, you show me yours? pwease? ^^
  5. Hurray!! Happy 2009! ^^

    I live in Liverpool actually.... so... [You + Me = Neighbours?] xD
    Oh cool, I'm doing pretty much the same thing. I'm getting into oil painting alongside sketching. *fun fun* =D
    That and I'm watching through the first season of Naruto. Bleh!! Australia won't release any episodes past the Chunin Exam. *has no cable* ;_;
  6. Wha, WHA!!.. UAI 85... moi... 29?! o.O

    Ahem, putting aside the age comment. Are you kidding, you dissapointed with an 85. My UAI was only around 80. Nuuuuuuu!! >.> >.<

    But anyway congrats again. =p
    I'll make sure to buy you a coke when you come down to Sydney some time. =D
    So anyway what are you up to now on the holidays?
  7. Congratulations on completion of HSC!! =D

    I graduated 3yrs ago. *feels old* x.x

    Since then I've been bouncing from different courses and jobs. I still have no idea what sort of career I would like to pursue... perhaps Graphics Design. =p

    What about you Rave, have you chosen a career path yet? ^^
  8. [/quote] Hey why on invisible mode? O.O [/quote]

    Shhhh, noone knows I'm here. >.<

  9. But of course. I'm usually just cruising around AO as a ghost. =p

    I haven't had the patience lately to post anything. The topics have become too repetitive or commonly discussed.
    uh-hum, anywho how was your Christmas? ^^;;
  10. Eh... thank you for the comment Rave-kun. ^^

    So glad you remembered me. *ish touched* ;_;
    Hope you have a lubbery New years. :3
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