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  1. Heeeeeey Whats up? We haven't talked in a looong time.
  2. Heeey! I haven't been on in a while,but happy late valentine's!
  3. Damn 50 characters.
  4. See you later, oh master of blood and flesh.
  5. Thats one hard name to pronounce for me. xD I'm about to go offline for a while to get my homework done
  6. Oooo l'arc en ciel.
  7. Thaaanks. I'm doing homework and on the computer. xD I just love to multi-task.
  8. Oh yeah, I saw your pics. You're cute.
  9. Wow,that would just be wild. o_o Hey I'll talk to you laters,I have to do homework. (Doesn't like homework,but has to do it.)
  10. haha in anime, you canbe a purple girl with blonde eyebrows.
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