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  1. Whoa, calm down there!
    Look, good things take time, so you don't have to rush the search of your dream guy. So, relax and go with the life's flow. It's better that way.
    My opinion anyway.
  2. >_>....<_< you wanna know the truth?...>_< its because.....*suspenseful music*....I am a hopeless romantic searching for that right person who is in the poem and yet no matter how man times i write about him he never knows what they mean except that their about love
  3. Haha, I did enjoy them. They fit with the feelings people feel nowadays. But why are they all loveless/sad? O_o
  4. Well thank you VERY much it makes me happy knowing that people like my loveless poems! ^_^
  5. Hey, I read some of your many poems; they're great ^_^ I really liked them, a lot. keep up the good work!
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