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  1. Uhh ... is that an attempt for a pun, or a joke? Nice try. :S
  2. Mmmm maybe thats why shes broken cause I have Kyle and she doesnt? Ever think that?
  3. Talk to BrokenLover101. =]
  4. You know what enough!! If you disliked him you should have said something! How DARE you even think of lying to me about him!! Thats EXTREMTLY LOW!! even for you!! If you didnt you know what forget it if you ever try to pull something like that again I will never speak to you again!!
  5. Thats good to hear my holidays usually suck cause I never get to spent any time alone my family wants to actually try to get know because they wanna know what I want for the holidays so I just end up gettin cash or something Anyways Ill be here friday since thats the time my mother works See ya
  6. Enjoying holidays and the like ^_^
  7. Bored the heck out of my mind And waiting for life to finally begins lol nothing really life sucks everythings the same how are things with you?
  8. Heyyy what's up?
  9. lol I just woke up! It is barely 8:17 am over here!
  10. Holy crap you're online? I'm about to go to sleep!
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