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  1. hello Rave_Grip hope you are doing ok and just thoght i'd stop by and see what is goiing on ttyl.
  2. yeah i know what is ilke same shit diffrent day as that is what a freind of mine use to say all the time.
  3. how are you doing? well just in genral you know what i mean right?
  4. hello rave hope i'm not bothering you in any way just let me know if i am and i will leave ok?
  5. hey rave what's up? i have not heard from you in a long time how are you doing?
  6. hello my freind thuoght i'd drop by and check on you and see what your up to today.
  7. thats ok so how is everything going since you have been busy wich is ok turst me.
  8. hey rave how are you? i just wanted to cheack in and say hi hope that's ok
  9. hey what's up? i miss you and yeah well ttyl ok and hope you are doing well?
  10. no i don't think he is lol but his engry is just not very confortmble to me it seems filthy to me .
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