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  1. lol have you met my boss yes he is not stuipd but i think if gina makes it sound bad eaugh it may mean goodbye to me thogh she did not seem to have a problem with it after i said what i did.
  2. thank you for understanding it means a lot but at lest i wond't fired, hopefully.
  3. so you can understand my pain and annoyce with it today huh?
  4. saying dam hamters! is not the best around kids in the fifth garde .
  5. well at frsit evrything was fine then to sweet kids came in to job shadow gina and i and i made some mistkes while they were there.
  6. that's ok i'm just really out of my mind right now after the day i had at work omg what did i do to get what i did?
  7. hello rave how are you doing today? i'm ok and thought i'd check in and see how my freinds are this moring.
  8. hey Rave good to see that i got a freind or two online even though i'm ok but i got hit with darma from my mom and i was not in the mood for any of that today actully i'm not really in the mood for a lot today after the night i had last night. anyways how are you?
  9. hey Rave don't worry about it but thank you very much i an glad that you let me know whats up ttyl cassy.
  10. hello Rave my freind hello and how are you doing today? just thought i'd drop in and say hello ttyl shadow Dancer 86.
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