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  1. hello how are you doing my freind since i talked to you last .
  2. I work in a pet store with anmails and yes some of the anmails are the deamon hamters and dumbo rats
  3. I can toally understand if i could of sikped work yesterday i would have and hereing what i did and what happend ealier this moring work is the wrost and it sometimes feel like it might kill us but just keep a smile on your face and keep your light glowing and it will get better ok ttyl cassy.
  4. not really yesterday was just messed up but hey today was much better and i have a freind coming over tonight and will stay here for a little bit just for two nights but anyways how are you?
  5. I'm doing ok just had a carzy day and things were just confusing and a little to emotional for me today other then that not a lot.
  6. hey man what's up? .................................................. ...........................................
  7. i live in cottonwood Arizona and yes that is the sates but you don't need to know about my past it is going to be water under the brige and that gril i told you about will be water under the brige sooner than i thuoght but still i have had a good life and it is still geting better every day tust me i can see and tell.cassy
  8. no not that sacry tust me knowing a gril who leves out here and now nearer to me now that's sarcy
  9. well with having a past like i do yes but not really i like who i am and i'm a much better prson now then i was and i have a very spiescail somone who is in my heart to thank for all this and i won't let them go ever and you are a good freind of mine .
  10. yeah it is a bit wieard but hey that is how some of my freinds are and yeah i deal with is and yes if you get to talk with me it is easy to make me laugh tickle you back lol
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