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  1. they made me cry to bearth a gain it is very werid turst me i guess sometimes it would be better to just lock myslef up and wait then i will come out later.
  2. oh two of my freinds came over and made me luagh and i started laughing to hard and stopped breathing so they had to try and get me breathing again
  3. i'm not leveing just have to breath deeply and make my breathing get back to normal after what i went thourgh a little bit ago.
  4. good but i have work so no more kicking back for me and it is ok just new for me it's my new path in life to follow but hey lucky you huh ttyl.cassy
  5. hello my freind it is good to see you are on line and doing well by the way how was your hlioday.
  6. hello my freind how are you doing this fine day? to me it's good but hey i don't matter much how about you.ttys cassy.
  7. hi rave how are you? well i'm home now and we can talk so hope to hear from you ok ttyl cassy.
  8. your welcome my freind. hey how have you been since last time we talked?
  9. ok later talk to you later gentle breezess and warm smiles bye for now.
  10. cool i know your sreen name is that ok? my real name is cassy all my freinds call me that so i will talk to you later cassy.
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