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  1. Good morning ^___^
  2. I just got one shot killed in RPG Inferno lolz. Other than that im good. Just doing alittle RPGing, working on my poem writing, and getting ready for bed.
  3. Not bad, you? ^_^
  4. Hello Rave. How are ya???????????????????????????????????????
  5. Your name is Dumb? O_o

    awesome xD

    Well, you reach a certain amount of posts and then you're able to change your title.
    I think it's 500.
  6. DUMB. Newbie quest here. But what rank do I have to be before I can change the Otaku thingy. Im no obsesive over anything. Not even anime lol.
  7. I didn't tell you my name. It's Rushil. =]
  8. Wolfie ... meh, that'll do.
    I'm about to leave.
  9. Just call me wolf, wolfie, wolfgirl. Any of those. They are my old nicknames. . SOOOOOOOOO What you been up too Rave....en.

    I had to do that lol
  10. Lol, "Wold of the Storm", we kid around a lot. ^_^
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